Covid-19 Safety Measures


 All guidelines must be followed regardless of receiving a vaccine against Covid-19.
1.  Masks must be worn at all times in the building.  Masks must cover your nose, mouth and chin.  If you need a mask break, please go outside.
2.  Wash your hands immediately upon entering the studio and wash your hands frequently
3.  Practice social distancing by staying 6 feet apart from others.
4.  I highly recommend only one student in the elevator at a time and only one person in the bathroom at a time.
5.  Wash studio equipment and tools with soap and water after you use it.  This includes any studio equipment as well as underglaze bottles, slip buckets, glaze tongs, glaze       test tiles etc.  If you use it, wash it.
6.  Do not come to the studio if you feel sick.  You must notify Katie if you or someone you are in contact with tests positive for Covid-19.  I will be sending all of you a daily   health screening checklist to use before you come to the studio.
7.  No food or eating is allowed.  If you need to eat, please go outside.  
8.  Only one person can use the sink at a time.  Be mindful of clearing the area for the next person.  
9.  We cannot currently supply shared plastic to wrap your pieces.  I recommend you bring in your own and store on your shelf.  Dry cleaner bags work great as do trash bags.
10.  You will be required to sign in and out each time you come to the studio for contact tracing.
11.  Classes are limited to 9 students.  Please do not come to the studio unless you have class or are signed up for open studio.  If you need to come to the studio outside of   these times, please contact Katie.  Similarly, if you miss a class, please do not come to another class as make up unless you have spoken with Katie.  
12.  All pottery must be signed.  Any work without initials or a signature will not be fired.  All fired work will be placed on your shelves.  If there is not room on your shelf, it will   either be placed on the completed bisque shelves in the studio or your teacher will give it to you during class.
13.  I am installing several window fan units to blow the air outside to increase ventilation in the studio.  Do not touch the fans, turn them off or use them to dry pottery. 

14.  Due to capacity requirements, students are unable to attend another class to make up an absence.  Students may only attend the class they are currently registered for.  

1.  All wheels are spaced 6 feet apart.  Please do not move them.
2.  I highly suggest you bring a bucket of water to your wheel to clean rather than bring the wheel pans to the sink.  This will reduce traffic at the sink.  You teacher will give   instructions for those of you unfamiliar.
3.  At the end of class, spray down your clean wheel, chair and table with disinfecting spray.  

1.  Handbuilding tables will be marked where people can sit 6 feet apart.  Please do not move the tables or any large equipment.
2.  During class, the wedging table can hold an additional 2 students.
3.  Please spray the slab roller with disinfecting spray after you use it.  Students should wait 5 minutes between uses.  The canvas used with the slab roller is not easily   disinfected.  Therefore, you should always wash your hands after you use the slab roller.
4.  We had to remove a large number of molds to arrange the most commonly used ones in a single layer.  If you need one that is not out in the studio, please let your teacher   or Katie know and they will get it for you.
5.  Please wash any molds you use with soap and water and put it back on a single layer on the shelves.
6.  Please be advised that we had to remove a large number of shared objects per the health departments orders.  You are welcome to bring in your own for personal use.     This includes all texture mats, most stamps, cookie cutters and sand bags.  The textured rolling pins are in the back room.  If you would like to use one, please ask your   teacher or Katie to get it for you.
7.  At the end of class or open studio, please spray your work area, including chair, with disinfecting spray.

1.  To maintain 6 feet of distance while glazing, only 3 students can safely glaze at a time.  
2.  The glaze bucket brushes cannot be sterilized between uses.  It is imperative you wash your hands before and after you use the stirring brushes.
3.  After you finish using a glaze, please wipe the bucket and spray the top of the lid with disinfecting spray.

Open Studio
1.  Open studios will be limited to 9 students and will be advanced sign up only
2.  You can sign up using the link on the homepage of our website at  Sign up will be available in 2 week increments.  I will add additional weeks each Friday before noon.  
3.  To ensure fairness, sign up will be restricted to one open studio a week per person.  Weekend open studio is available to night students only.  Once 9 people sign up for a   particular day, a waitlist will form.
4.  If you need to cancel your attendance for an open studio, please e-mail Katie ASAP and she will remove you from the list and add the next person on the waitlist.
5.  The last 15 minutes of open studio will be mandatory clean up to ensure everyone can do so safely and maintain 6 feet apart.  If you don’t need 15 minutes to clean up,   please clean up and leave the studio to create more space for other students.  

1.  All overflow needs to be clearly marked with your name and date.  This is so people are always only touching their own work.
2.  I know how much everyone likes to look at each other's work, pick it up and admire it.  During this time, please refrain from touching any pottery other than your own.  You  can still admire it and talk about it without touching.
3.  We are not able to accept any physical donations at this time.  I appreciate all of your generosity so much, but we cannot accept any tools, molds, stamps, etc.  ​

                                             Community Kiln reserves the right to suspend classes at any time because of safety and health concerns.