This is such a nice place to work! People are very helpful and the teachers are first rate!
-Cynthia, current student

A great COMMUNITY of potters of all levels. The environment is clean, friendly and informative.
-Michelle, Community Kiln Teacher

Our Mission

Brick Stack Arts Center

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Community Kiln is dedicated to educating and inspiring a community of artists in MetroWest. Here, students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds can come together to experience, learn about, and celebrate ceramic arts.

Creativity starts with a ball of clay

Testimonials from Our Community

Building the place where MetroWest’s visual artists, musicians, performing artists, philanthropists, educators, human service agencies, community leaders and others come together to support the arts and weave them into the fabric of the community. 

Brick Stack Arts Center's Mission is to create and sustain a MetroWest venue where arts and culture can thrive, while providing a universally accessible, engaging, richly diverse forum for the enhancement of our community.