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Student Information

46 Park Street, Framingham, Ma, 01702  |  508-309-4604

Natalie Dahl (they/them)

Community Kiln Program Manager
Please note that we have a small staff; email is best avenue for contact.

Community Kiln Office Hours
Monday-Friday          Call or Email For Hours

Saturday-Sunday      Office Closed

Tuition & Purchases
Tuition includes 25 lbs. of clay (1 bag), glazing, and firing.  You may purchase up to 3 more bags of clay per session at a cost of $28 for your second bag and third bags. If you are enrolled in Summer 1 and Summer 2, you will be limited to ONE free bag and can purchase up to 4 bags for all 10 weeks of class. Students enrolled in only one Summer session will receive one free bag of clay and can purchase up to 1 more bag of clay for all 5 weeks of class. Your fourth bag will be $40. The included bag of clay must be taken during the intended session. Community Kiln will not give out tuition including clay for previous sessions. Students may not bring in any clay from other suppliers or studios. Beginner students may purchase a basic set of tools from Community Kiln for $30; additional tools are available for purchase. Class tuition includes open studio time.

Mask Policy

We aim to make our studio to be accessible to ALL! We require masks during certain open studio times to ensure the safety of everyone in our community. Some teachers do not require masks during their class time. If you have any questions, please email us at While our policies are not up for debate, we are always open to hearing how we can make our studio a safe and creative place for everyone to make pottery.

Open Studio Time 
Additional studio hours are available to adult students who are registered for a class to practice the skills they’ve learned. Teens and Children are not permitted to partake in Open Studio hours. 

Mondays       1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Wednesdays 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm 

Thursdays     1:00 pm – 4:00 pm      MASKS REQUIRED

Fridays           12:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Saturdays      10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sundays         10:00 am - 4:00 pm 

*Note: Open Studios will not be held on holidays that Community Kiln is closed, events being held, or on days that Community Kiln is closed due to weather cancellations. Community Kiln follows Framingham Public School calendar and cancellations. 

Registration and Payment
Registrations will not be permitted after the second class without the consent of the teacher and office staff.

Community Kiln does not pro-rate classes for any reason.

Class tuition must be paid in full in order to complete your registration.

Outstanding balances from previous semesters may affect your ability to register.

Your card on file will be charged one week before the start of class if your payment is not complete by that date. 

Cancellations, Refunds, and Make-Ups
If you need to cancel a class, you must do so before the first day of class; a $50 cancellation fee will be deducted from the refund for cancellations the week before the session begins.  No refunds will be issued after the class has begun. Full refunds will be made if Community Kiln cancels a semester or workshop for any reason. If you have not paid for your class(s) by the week before the class' start date, Community Kiln will charge the card you have on file for the full amount of the class(s).

Make-up classes will be offered for classes that do not meet due to weather cancellations or instructor cancellations. If you will be absent from a class and hope to make it up, talk to the Program Manager about your options. Any make up's from an absence need to be made up within the same semester.  Class tuition will not be pro-rated for student absences for any reason.

Code of Conduct
Community Kiln @ Brick Stack Arts Center is committed to fostering an inclusive, welcoming, comfortable and creative space that is free of racism, homophobia, fatphobia, ableism, sexism, xenophobia, discrimination, and harassment. All individuals are not only treated with respect and dignity, have equal opportunities, and feel safe in our studio, but are celebrated for their presence. Interactions must be rooted in kindness, compassion, and empathy. All persons working or associating with our community of Brick Stack Arts Center are expected to uphold, abide by, and stand up for this Code of Conduct; refusal will result in removal from our studio.

Forgotten Artwork

If you are not currently enrolled in a class, we do not have the capacity to store your items. If you have forgotten to clean out your space, your items will be removed by our STAFF. All greenware will be recycled immediately and additional items (tools, clay, bisqueware) will be stored for three weeks, at which point they will be donated to the studio. Bisqueware and glazeware dated older than three months will be disposed of. Community Kiln is not responsible for lost, stolen or broken items. 

Refire Policy

Community Kiln will only refire glazed pieces that have been underfired or if the glaze chipped off in the loading of the kiln.

Inclement Weather
Community Kiln will follow the cancellations of the Framingham Public School System. If a class is canceled, students will receive an email from staff regarding the cancellation at least an hour before their class is set to start. Whenever possible, classes will be rescheduled at the end of the semester.

Please note that during the Summer months there may be delays in firing pottery due to extreme weather and heat waves. We will try our best to stagger our firing schedule to accommodate for any weather patterns.

Community Kiln consists of a growing faculty of talented artists dedicated to the creation and celebration of the ceramic arts. Read faculty bios

Portal Registration

To register with our online student portal, please follow the link below. We use our student portal for registration, fees and student communication. You may opt out of emails at any time.

COVID-19 Safety Measures
Effective November 1st, 2023, masks are optional in our studio. Some teachers may opt to have mask REQUIRED classes.  

Masks are required for:
     1.  All individuals unvaccinated against Covid-19.

     2.  Any asymptomatic individual considered a close contact of a person with Covid-19. Masks must be worn 5 days post exposure.

     3.  People who contacted COVID-19 and are on days 6-10 of exposure

     4.  Specific classes and open studio times (please see mask-required open studio days and class descriptions).

Please do not come to the studio if you feel any symptoms of Covid-19. If you feel symptomatic, please get tested as soon as possible and do not come to the studio unless you receive a negative result and your symptoms improve. If you test positive for Covid within 24 hours of being in the studio, please e-mail the office at so we can notify anyone who may have been a close contact. Community Kiln reserves the right to update or change the mask policy or suspend classes at any time because of safety and health concerns. 


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